Naturalis hunting bullets







New and improved generation

- Best low velocity performance on market
- Outstanding performance even in 900 m/s impact velocity
- Improved shape - better ballistics
- Test winning lead-free hunting bullet - tested by several Scandinavian hunting magazines

A hunting experience for a true hunter is more than the end result.

  1. Ballistic advantage of boat tail design
  2. Monolithic copper body
  3. Polymer valve

Lapua has manufactured Naturalis® bullets since 2002 and is now presenting the 3rd generation of the lead-free hunting bullet. The Naturalis® hunting bullets and cartridges can be used in hunting areas where lead core bullets are prohibited.

The new Naturalis® design uses state of the art technology to produce consistent, controlled expansion. The polymer valve design uses hydraulic force to create the optimum mushrooming effect at the widest velocity range on the market.

The bullet is designed and manufactured by using pure copper. The material, design and controlled expansion ensures a solid and nearly unbreakable construction. The weight retention, even after impacting on heavy bone, is frequently 100% of its original weight.

The boat tail design eases reloading, and together with the streamlined ogive provides improved downrange ballistics.

100 % weight retention!


The mushrooming of the bullet starts immediately on impact. The expansion process is started by the valve at the tip of the bullet, leading it to expand symmetrically and without fragmentation. This gives a maximal energy transfer to the hunted game, reduces the risk of wounding or lengthened suffering, and minimizes the meat loss.

This premium pure copper hunting bullet performs consistently, repeatedly retaining a full 100% of its weight after expansion. It does not leave anything in your valuable game meat - A clean shot.

The new .30 Naturalis in action


.30N558 11.0 g / 170 gr

Lapua has done extensive testing in calibrated gelatin at a wide range of impact velocities. This testing guarantees uniform, predictable performance under the broadest range of hunting conditions. Consistent mushrooming, reliable highest weight retention and excellent accuracy is assured.

6 mm
N509 5.8 g / 90 gr
6.5 mm
N563 9.1 g / 140 gr
7 mm
N564 10.1 g / 155 gr
N558 11.0 g / 170 gr
8 mm
N559 11.7 g / 180 gr
N508 15.0 g / 231 gr
9.3 mm
N560 16.2 g / 250 gr
.243 Win.
N509 5.8 g / 90 gr

Like many other today┬┤s cartridges the .243 Win was originally a wildcat - necked down from the .308 Win. It gained popularity in North America among...

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6.5x47 Lapua
N563 9.1 g / 140 gr

The 6.5x47 Lapua was developed by Nammo Lapua Oy specifically for 300 meter competitions. Shortly after its introduction in 2005, shooters of other di...

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6.5x55 SE
N563 9.1 g / 140 gr

The 6.5x55 SE is one of the most popular all-around cartridges in the world for both target shooters and hunters. For the past 100 years it has mainta...

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N564 10.1 g / 155 gr

The 7x64 is a true hunting cartridge which has succeeded in maintaining its position as one of the most popular hunting calibers in Europe. The famous...

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N564 10.1 g / 155 gr

Wilhelm Brenneke designed the 7x65R in 1917, and since then it has been one of the most popular calibers for double rifles and combination guns. The 7...

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.308 Win.
N558 11.0 g / 170 gr

One of the most popular big game hunting cartridges in Finland and Scandinavia, the .308 was introduced by Winchester in 1952. This cartridge has achi...

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N558 11.0 g / 170 gr

The .30-06, the 'big brother' of .308 Win, has always been known for its flexibility and performance. Its story began in 1906, when the United States ...

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8x57 IS
N559 11.7 g / 180 gr

Today, the 8x57 IS has practically disappeared from military use, but retains tremendously popular among the Central-European hunters and the European...

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8x57 IRS
N559 11.7 g / 180 gr

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.338 Lapua Mag.
N508 15.0 g / 231 gr

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N560 16.2 g / 250 gr

Otto Bock probably had no idea when developing the 9.3x62 caliber, just how popular it would become during the next 110 years among big and dangerous ...

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